PokéClicker is a famous online clicker game which attracted a lot of players recently. Today we will focus on a specific pokemon that can be obtained through a surprising way, MissingNo.

Who is this pokemon ?

In the pokemon serie, there was a strange monster that appeared to some of the players, MissingNo. It could not be encountered in the wild, but rather after a bug like the old man glitch. This pokemon resulted from a wrong pokédex entry during a fight, he is actually not unique and has a lot of variations.


MissingNo. in PokéClicker

This pokémon was added to PokéClicker mostly as an easter egg and cannot be obtainable through normal manner. He is used for error handling (if there is a bug within the game), and his pokédex entry is #0. Hopefully, we can easilly access the game's data to found a way to obtain it.

Obtaining the pokmon using the javascript console

Pokéclicker is an open-source, community driven game that is mostly developped using Javascript. The source code is available on github if you are curious.

Most of the important functions are public, hence is it really easy to access the in-game memory using any web browser. Indeed, nowadays most if not all browser acts as an IDE and hence have access to a debug environement. Thanks to that, anyone can modify the data completely offline! For the rest, I will provide the instructions for firefox only, but it should be easilly transferrable to chrome, or edge.

  1. First make a save of your game, just in case.
  2. Then simply press F12 to access the web console, or click on the settings icon (up right) then More tools/Web Developer Tools.
  3. You can now use the public function to gain a pokemon, using id=0 as a parameter:

Congratulations, you just obtained MissingNo. !


I should not tell you that, but you can of course change the id to another pokémon...

There is also another optionnal parameter. If you want it to be shiny, put the parameter to 1:

App.game.party.gainPokemonById(0, 1)

To go further

Obviously this is not the only function that you can have access to! If you want to cheat, after typing App.game you will see the list of available class/functions. Check for example App.game.wallet.gainMoney 💰 😈 💰

Use it sporadically (or not at all) if you don't want to ruin your gameplay.