I am Loïc Tetrel, a young data science engineer 👨‍🔬 (M. A. Sc.) with a focus in the medical field . Coming from France 🇫🇷, I also speak polish 🇵🇱, english 🇺🇸 and currently learning arabic 🇲🇦 (tough language, why I am doing that…!).

I spent a total of 6 years for my study beginning with a technical degree in industrial engineering at the IUT Lyon 1. Then, I followed a double degree at the INSA Lyon in electrical engineering and my research at ETS on sensorless 3D ultrasound.

From there, I acquired experience in the digital dentistry field as a software developper for Straumann Group, where I worked on 3D scanning as part of the R&D team. Now, I am a full-time data science engineer at the simexp lab, working on deep learning for neuro-imaging and open-source projects.

Really curious about technology in general, video games 🤖 and reading 📖 (fantasy, SF, politics). I also do sport, play guitar in my spare time and love traveling all around the world 🌍.


You can contact me via my mail at loic.tetrel.pro@proton.me. Take a look at my résumé if you like my profile.

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