I wrote this blog with the idea of sharing my knowledge and my thoughts on various topics. It is mostly focused on data science and geeky stuff. Most of the images used in the posts comes from the royalty free image bank pexels.

This a a long-term project I have been working for months (years?) but it is hard to conciliate free-time and working on it! If you want to support my work, please consider making a donation :)

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How this website was made ?

This blog uses Jekyll and is hosted on Github pages. It is mostly based from the modified Cayman Blog theme by lorepirri. As the author describes it:

Cayman Blog is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages. It is based on the nice Cayman theme, with blogging features added. You can preview the theme to see what it looks like, or even use it today.

It is really nice because it allows anyone to build for free his own website in a few minutes! Of course, if you are like me and want to optimize and modify the theme, it will mostly take you weeks…

For the jupyter notebooks, the templates were heavily inspired from the wonderfull peterroelants blog (you should definitivelly check it!). I am using jupytext to get the notebooks out of python files, and nbconvert to build the html. References, post metadata and collapse buttons are injected using python via Beautiful Soup.

You may see sometimes a badge like this one , this means that the post is interactive and compatible with Binder. Binder spawn for you a standalone web-based jupyter server to let you play with the underlying notebook and data, so you can modify the code as you want without any consequence!

Most of the icons are svg embedded in html from iconmonstr.

The tags and posts pages were inspired from codinfox.

Check the source code for the website at ltetrel.github.io.

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